QuotaAfter completing the online quotation form, you will receive a no-obligation quotation within 1 working day. Do you have any questions in the meantime? Then you can always call/app ustion


If you indicate that the ride can continue based on the quotation, you will receive a confirmation/invoice. From that moment on, the cancellation conditions apply and you must make a deposit and return one copy of the confirmation by email so that we know that you agree with our conditions.


If you cancel up to 24 hours prior to the ride, we will charge the amount of the deposit as compensation. If you cancel within 24 hours prior to the ride, the full travel price is due.

Terms and Conditions

For the general terms and conditions we conform to the terms and conditions of the KNV

Special Conditions

It is important for our planning that you provide the exact departure times. Always discuss any changes in times and/or routes with our office in advance. For various reasons, the bus may really have to leave on time.

Party-Express is never responsible for consequential damage caused by delays in the bus journey, for whatever reason.

Bus house rules:

To ensure that all appointments run smoothly and to avoid confusion, Party-Express has a number of points of attention.

Rule 1

Party-Express always has a large and varied stock of chilled drinks on board. This drink is never included in the price and must always be paid for with the driver at the end of the ride. (Unless otherwise discussed) Own drinks are strictly prohibited. In fact, the driver has been ordered to confiscate his own drinks or stop the journey.

Rule 2

Empty cans and waste belong in the waste bins.


Misuse of the emergency levers of the roof hatches and doors leads to the trip being stopped, because the safety of fellow road users and passengers can no longer be guaranteed and a fine of €390 is imposed. Any fines will therefore be recovered from the main booker. You will also be responsible for repairing the emergency hatches.

Rule 4

Sticking body parts outside the bus. Climbing on the roofs of buses also leads to exclusion from the trip.

Rule 5

Demolishing and defacing buses does not increase the festive spirit. Point this out to your fellow traveler! The repair bill always goes to the tenant and quickly runs into hundreds of euros.

Rule 6

The driver has the right at all times to exclude people from further participation in the trip if they behave aggressively, antisocial or hypocritical.

Rule 7

In case of vomit we charge 150 euros cleaning costs. (vomiting in a bag is free)

Rule 8

The driver is ALWAYS in charge!